I am on my third phone from Cingular and they all do this random wake up thing.

No 3rd party applications at all. ANNOYING to say the least. Drains the battery. I have also noticed it happens with changes in signal. Besides this, my versamail crashes whenever I "update" a contact. The next and most importantly, the phone itself is most erratic and does not connect nor receive calls. When I answer, no-one is on the other end. When I dial I do not hear ringing nor anyone answer. Just silence.

Palm has stated my "firmware" is damaged, and I am due to ship it off for another tomorrow. I had a NOKIA smart phone for 2 years and never with ONE problem.

I sincerely hope the 4th unit from Palm is stable and PAIN FREE. CAN YOU BELEIVE THIS ! I seriously can't. I'm 42 years old and have never ever ever experienced this with any electronic device purchased in my life.