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    Trying shadowmite rom restoration procedure downloaded the files and copied to my card . When i run updater get message no rom image directory found installing from device i try entering rev cvt2 and nothing happens
    any one have ideas

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    Did you make sure you changed the name of your "Palm" folder on your SD card to something other than that? It reads some of those necessary files from there, and if you renamed the new folder instead of your old one, it wouldn't be able to find the files.

    Just a guess. Hope you get it figured out.
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    never changed files on sd card what is best way to do it
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    will I be better off putting it on a blank card

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    If you've got one, then yes. What I did was create folder on my desktop called "Palm Back" and moved everything on my card on it. Then I put the folders from Shadowmite's restore on the card and it worked flawlessly.

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