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    HELP ...

    Am trying to "pair" my newly purchased Jabra 250BT and my 650 doesn't "see" it :-( Any suggestions?

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    I didn't have any problems pairing my 250. Are you sure you have the 250 in "Find Me" mode (With the headset off, press the power button until a solid blue light) when you start the pairing?
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    I got the 650 to find it by "accident" ... but now it has to re-find it so I can put in the password :-(

    Is there a "secret" to how close I have to hold it to the 650?
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    Since I've done the latest Sprint update my Cardo Scala 500 won't pair. The issue started after the update. Interestingly, All my other bluetooth devices pair (gps and laptop).

    Hopefully some people will chime in on some suggestions. I'll probably do a hard reset this weekend as a last resort.
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    I had the same problem. The answer is NOtSoAverageJoe's have to hold the power button until you see a SOLID blue light. Obviously, bluetooth needs to be on and in discover mode. Then it will ask for password (0000).

    Though I find everytime I turn off bluetooth I have go through the process all over again...I want to know how do you do it once and never again?
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    I thought I had to do it every time too but it should be listed under your "Trusted Devices" in which case you never have to do it again.

    I have two headsets that I alternate between (BT250 and BT200 from my old 600) and they are both trusted devices. I don't ever have to reconfigure for either one.
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