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    I thought that I had seen something on this before, but a search yielded nothing.

    Does anyone else have problems with their sync cable not staying in? The right side never seems to catch and I have to hold it in to hot sync. Very annoying

    I just wish they had included the cradle to begin with. What is the hold up on this thing? I still can't believe that for a $600 phone we didn't even get a cradle. My Visor Deluxe came with one for goodness sakes...I kinda miss Handspring

    Is it me or did things seem better when our Treos came from Handspring?
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    Yes, mine is finicky also have to hold it in to get it to sync... once it starts I set it down and it doesn't lose connection though like I would think... Maybe the sync is triggered by a pin that isn't used for data transfer

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