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    hparsons, with intellisynch installed, i cant get past the hotsynch that needs to be done after the hard reset at the very start of the firm ware upgrade instructions for folks with inadequate memory (eg, less than 11mb) available.

    Pumatech tells me they have had reports of problems with the upgrade on treo 650s with intellisynch installed
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    I use intellisynce and had no problem with the upgrade. I use 5.00.02. During the install it did not do a hard reset, but I think that was because I didn't disable lightwav from turning the phonr on automatically after a soft reset. btw I sync with lotus notes for contacts, email, journal, and todos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by reverendrhino
    My thing is how come we all had to find out about the 1.08 update from Un-official Treo site's? They NEVER sent out any kind of notice about this update, not Palm or Sprint!<----See Sprint doesn't even know how to use text meesaging! But they love to charge us, for it!
    Would be nice if a PalmOne newsletter was sent the day the patch was released to let everyone know. But oh yea, they never said much about the free 128MB SD cards either...

    I don't know if they've ever been good about sending messages regarding updates. (I can't remember them sending me notices about any updates, but I can't say for certain they've never done it.) I guess that's why I've been using TreoCentral for so many years . I'm so used to NOT getting a notice from them and having to look at unofficial sources for information. Kind of sad...
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    maybe its a groupwise thing, but i even tried it again turning off all intellisynch conduits....
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    For whatever its worth, the update absolutely did in my phone and in some fashion did nail code in ROM that allows it to function. After the hang during installation I was obligated to hard reset... and when it came back up the "network search" was stuck and a mysterious red "T" appeared next to the location icon (circle and cross). I took it in to a Sprint service center (these are better than the stores I've found). They replaced it on the spot.. and seemed to know about the problem. The new phone updated without a hitch... go figure !
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    Oh oh.... I wonder if there is a "bad ESN range" with the T650s?

    (With the T600s there was a bad batch of them sold that were in a certain ESN range. I had the MISfortune of owning one.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joebar
    What pisses me off is ----- recorded chick: please enter your 10 digit phone number.. beep beep beep beep beep #....... Hello, sprint customer service, what is your 10 digit phone number and password? bla bla bla, ok i'm transfering you to xxx...... Hello, this is putz #2 in xxx department, so we may continue, what is your phone number and password?

    You don;t no the sevret behind Clare? Just continue to say "Human" and you will go right to one. I learned that about 2 years ago I think...
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    Quote Originally Posted by PunkAce
    Was going through a tunnel at the time, but I could have swore a
    Sprint rep told me that I should up and date your 108 year old burned out MOM.
    OMG I peed my pants,,,,,,,,,,,,still laughing,,,,,,,,,,,,my wife is even laughing
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    LOL... Classic PalmOne LOL
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    It took a sprint rep 45 minutes to swap out my defective phone with the refurb treo that was in his hand for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by haphazard
    Sounds fishy to me... I use Intellisync (5.1.2), and didn't have any trouble at all with the upgrade process.
    Using Intellisync 5.0.3 here with no problems.

    I did have more than 11mb free when doing the 1.08 upgrade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by haphazard
    Sounds fishy to me... I use Intellisync (5.1.2), and didn't have any trouble at all with the upgrade process.
    I'm using the wireless version of Intellisync (latest version of 6.2 I believe) and they have confirmed with me that intellisync is NOT compatible with 1.08. I had a myriad of problems once I upgraded.

    They have a new version targeted for 4/13 that is supposed to be compatible with 1.08.
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    I bought 5 new Sprint Treo 650's that come with 1.03 and I upgraded them all to 1.08 without a hitch. After loading all of my apps, I now have 9.01MB free instead of the 2.01MB that I had free with the same stuff on my Unlocked Treo 650.
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