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    The docs to go comes with a neat option of moving 3 of the apps included with the Treo bundle to the expansion card to save space in the phone memory. It says I can move sheets to go and 2 others. The details in the instructions teach me how to copy the apps to the card and that works fine. However, how do I remove these hidden files from the phone to actually free up the space?
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    O.k., after I move the apps using the utility, then I select a document and click the letter icon at the bottom to send the file as an attachment. I select to send it as an Excel document (it is SheetToGo format on the T650). I get an error "The application to open this type of document could not be found!"

    If I then move everything back to the handheld, the problem goes away. So basically, their little utility to move the apps to the card is useless for me, because I have to send documents all the time.

    Is anyone else having this problem?
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    Also, with the apps moved to the card, I can open a Word document stored in Doc2Go format, but not a spreadsheet. . .

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