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    Hello all, I am new to the site. Kinda found it on accident, but glad I did. I own a 650. I have had it since Dec.27th. I love it! I think it is by far the best multi-function unit ever made. However, on the 5th of this month my headset jack went out. Imagin that!!! Mine is different thouugh, I can use it for music and such but it won't recognize the headset when I make a call. So I made a trip to the local friendly Sprint store only to be told that there is nothing they can do "maybe I should think about a Bluetooth device" . I was like you have to be kidding me. $650.00 for 64 days perfect use. I didn't have insurance, but would not wanted to use it anyway since my unit was so new. Since I wasn't getting anywhere and didn't want to hold the phone to ear I bought the Bluetooth. Not bad, Not thrilled. I'm sure you all know the common problems with Bluetooth. Well yesterday the bluetooth unit went out, 4 days after there 14 day return policy. After 5-10 minutes of secret coversation with the manager the rep came back to let me know that they would exchange my headset. So I kept pushing about how it's not right how my unit went out, she went back to the manager for more conversation then came back to let me know that they was going to exchange my unit also. But, it would have to be ordered. At this point I'm like thanks but the only reason I bought the $100.00 bluetooth headset was because the jack would not work. So now I don't need it. Needless to say they would not refund the headset. Just for the record I am gratful that he approved the unit exchange. But now after reading the post on this board I hope I don't get a refurb. that ends up having more problems then my original unit. I can count the times on my hands that my unit rebooted. So I guess I am lucky in that since. I hope it all works out. Last but not least I just found out the Plantronics Bluetooth headset they exchanged for me reatils for an average of $59.00 compared to the $94.00 I paid for the Body Glove. Now i have to find out if they got over on me with the exchange.
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    OK... seems like a lot going on in your post. So easy stuff first, then the rest. It's good that Sprint will replace your unit. I have had three refurbished units over the last few years or so, and they all looked COMPLETELY BRAND NEW TO ME. So I don't think you'll have a problem there.

    I do feel bad about the $100 Bluetooth headset that you're not thrilled with, but you can get $100 of free software for your Sprint Phone here.

    So hopefully this makes up for it in some small way.

    I've had my 650 for a couple of months, works great, no problems that I couldn't resolve on this forum when needed.

    BTW... may I ask why you paid $650 for your 650?... Sprint offers a $150 discount for a new line install or phone upgrade within 12 or 18 months (I'll assume you were not due for the upgrade and you already had the line)... but, Sprint also offers another $120 discount (20%) on their website for Business Customers, a discount, which can be copied and brought into the store and honored to give you (or ANY NON-BUSINESS ACCOUNT CUSTOMER) a discount on your new Treo 650.... It just seems like someone who is upset by being out for a Bluetooth Headset would have shopped around for the best deal on a $650 phone.... but I guess it's really none of my business.

    Lastly, if you use Sprint, you must be getting unlimited data/vision for $15/mo. Give Customer Service a call, and try to get the discounts mentioned above, retroactively (I don't know how succesful you'll be - but threaten to cancel your contract - others have said this works).... and even if this doesn't work, while your on the phone with a CSR, ask them for $10/mo Vision, it is available, and if you ask you will get, everyone I've ever recommended this to that has called has gotten it (this will save you $60 per year!).

    Hope this make up for the headset!

    Good Luck!

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