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    I just got a 2nd 650 that I will not need to use on a daily basis for a while, so I am thinking of using it as a test bed in the interim. Could I just sync it to my PC, giving it the same user ID as on my regular Treo so that it would clone all programs and then I could add programs to the clone to test them out? If I did this would anything bad happen when I later did a hotsync with my regular unit? I'm worried about overwriting data or something else scary happening. Any suggestions?
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    AKAIK, you can't have 2 devices with the same hotsync ID on the same computer.
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    Hmmm..... I must not be understanding something. If I give both of my Treo 650's the identical User ID how will my PC know that it is synching two different devices? I assumed it would treat them as the same device and that was why I thought this would be a way to test new software.

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