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    This is really wierd. I backed up all my Treo on tuesday night. Wednesday everything was fine. But today thursday morning my Treo was reseted and it says that Snappermail crashed at 3:00am. I was able to restore all my saved and unsaved preferences. However, today I noticed that any mail from the 23 cannot be opened. I get this error:

    Database: Unique ID not found (0x0218)

    WTF, I can't see any mail from the 23rd now. Anybody having the same problem.


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    I've had that error before in the past. Did not do anything to my phone at all, I was just going to look up a email and got the error.
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    I received the same error message this morning - which is the first time I have ever had any problem with Snappermail. I deleted Snappermail and reinstalled the latest beta, which was kind of a hassle. I hope that solves the problem.
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    I've done the same thing and I'm praying that I don't get more problems like that. I've contacted SnapperMail and it looks like the upgrade can corrupt some databases.


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