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    Hey all, you can get it on our site, handango or palmgear. Here are the changes:

    1. Email works, itís very very primal, but it works
    2. We now have a quick-sync that sync changes since the last sync. It doesnít process deletes but it is much much faster then a full sync.
    3. Day Light Savings fix
    4. All day apts. fix
    5. xml schema fixes
    6. Information Store Name fix - this is used if your email address name is different then your active directory username. You can change this on the new advanced preferences form
    7. New advanced preferences form
    8. we added a domain name field so you donít have to enter your domainname\username in the username field
    9. SSL checkbox in the adv prefs form
    10. user configurable historical limit for email and calendar events. the default is 3 weeks for email and 3 months for calendar events.
    11. initial sync wizard works for all devices now
    12. email is the primary screen for NexChange.
    13. auto sync is on the adv prefs form, but is not functional yet.
    14. major stability improvements

    Our helpdesk crashed so i have been workin real hard to get another one up. I am in the process of moving all the data over so people that had open cases should be able to login and see their old case there. I wasnít able to save everyoneís passwords, so I am setting everyoneís password to their username.
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    We are in the process of redesigning the entire sycn process which will allow NexChange to handle exchange accounts with up to 32,000 items in each data store. We still have a problem with accounts with 1,000 or more items in any datastore. We estimate that it will take 2 weeks to release this change.

    We are also splitting the email app from NexChange so that we can update them independently.
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    has anyone tried it?
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    I have read some of the theads about NexChange and am interested in the email portion. However, I would not be able to use it because of how it "takes over" the Treo - erases settings and syncs the calendar with the Exchange calendar. I do not like to mix my personal (Treo) and work calendar.

    Is there a way to install NexChange without wiping the device and without it controlling any part of the Treo (except for letting me work with emails on the Exchange server)?
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    That would be nice to have the email and other information separate.

    I've tried the 1.4a release and it works pretty well. Once a few issues with the Contacts are corrected (Addresses and Categories not syncing) it will be very nice. The email portion doesnt have alot of features at the moment but it does work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dtdionne
    Hey all, you can get it on our site, handango or palmgear. Here are the changes:

    1. Email works, itís very very primal, but it works.
    Primal? How? Functionality or GUI? You had indicated in a previous thread that the GUI would be "STUNNING".

    I'd like to give it a there any danger of losing my Exchange data or having duplicate sets of data (ie. multiple occurrences of every calendar entry)???
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    The following death warning is in a Read Me from the installation file.

    **********VERY IMPORTANT**********
    IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to NEVER HotSync your NexChange enabled device with a computer that
    has not had NexChange installed on it.
    We can not reiterate strongly enough how INCREDIBLY important this is.
    So once again...
    NEVER EVER, EVER HotSync your NexChange enabled device with a computer that has not had
    NexChange installed on it.
    Now go have some fun!

    IMHO you should really add a description of WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO YOU IF YOU ACTUALLY DID THIS. ie. will it blow up your company's Exchange Server? Topple the Leanng Tower of Pisa? What?
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    Hostname Ė This is the base url for your outlook
    web access (OWA) server. For example, if your
    companies OWA address is: all you need
    to put for the hostname is

    Can I enter the entire URL? I can't see how you get from the full URL above...
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    98GSR and bvinson, email will be a separate app from the rest, in fact we are in the process of seperating them now. we havent thought about selling just email but we will now.

    tdot, primal in the sense that it is not feature rich, right now you can only send, receive, reply and forward email, contacts aren't linked, and the gui is minimal. The guil will be stunning in the final release. As long as you follow the pre-install process you will be covered in case of data loss or dupication. I have been using it for 2 weeks now without incident and it works GREAT. The VERY IMPORTANT information is strongly written to get your attention, many people breeze over this stuff and i dont want that to happen, the software is still beta. If you sycn your device with a puter that doesnt have nexchange installed you run the risk of duplication which is a huge pain to deal with if you havent backed up your data stores. We are almost done completely redesigning the sync and db logic which will allow you to hotsync with as many puters as you would like without the possiblity of any errors. was a typo that im fixing now, sorry about that, it should have said "all you need to put for the hostname is but with your companies url. you dont need the https:// or the /exchange
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    Now I'm stuck with invalid login. Can you confirm the format? Right now I have...does this look right?

    Use SSL

    User Name: First.Last

    Password: ABC123

    Domain: XYZ (same xyz as the hostname)
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    tdot, that is the correct format. is that the same username password and domain that you use for outlook web access?
    from what you have written your owa should be
    username: XYZ\First.last
    password: ABC123
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    Mine seems to be "hanging" on the Performing Sync Checks for a long time - is this normal? And is it correct to assume that if it has gotten this far, it is communicating with my Exchange Server?

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    robcorn, it shouldnt hang on sync checks, that is usually a hostname error. goto our helpdesk and open a ticket and i will call you.

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