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    I have a strange and intermittent issue I’d like some help on from board members. My Treo (SPCS 1.08) runs great, is dependable, doesn’t reset (after removing all Dox to Go), and is generally a gem. However, after using the headset to listen to music, the system sounds (clicks, games, etc.) do not work through the external speaker. Rings, alerts, etc. still work fine – just no system sounds (including HotSync, battery charge). This did not occur when using the earbud / headset for phone calls.

    Any advice or suggestions?
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    Try "Freedom" from and go to its menu and enable the speaker. Then delete Freedom immediately if you have a 650 since Freedom is not intended for the 650 and could cause resets. Now try and see if the missing sounds return.

    This internal speaker is known by PalmOne and they are working on it.

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