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    I'm new here...found it by accident looking for ZLaunchers for my new T600.
    As I've said in another thread..what I see so far is:
    * I've contacted RealOne Player to see if they could get their Player to work on the T600. I prefer that to the Pocket Tunes... still waiting for reply.
    * I miss my Bluetooth that I used on my Tungsten
    * I didn't buy the T650 only because I was put on the T-Mobile family Plan and T-Mobile doesn't carry it.
    * I did find a wireless headphone adapter for the T600..that's good.
    * I read the threads in here covering GPS and followed the links...that was cool. I also found that Mapopolis has a complete car rig without the speaker system.. hmmm wonder how important that is?
    * DataViz Tech Service got ahold of me today and explained that the Zoom Feature I lost going from Tungsten to T600 is because T600 is low res and loses that function...damnit! ok that I can't live with and have to find a work around. soooooooooooo
    Are any of you peeps using Dataviz Docs to Go Total Office? notice the docs are too big on the T600? is there a way to resize before the sync or other ideas? This was the whole point of going to the T600.. I didn't want to carry both a Tungsten and a phone.
    Oh and hello peeps....good to meet you all.
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    Well guess what? I took it back on got my money...with all the rumors of something coming out in late April I decided not to chance it. I'm not asking much..just for Tungsten and a Phone to have a baby together.. Perfect Hybrid! gawwwd I watch tooooo much sci-fi lol!!!!! anyway... I got myself a Motorola V300 practically free... I'll use that and my Tungsten 'til I see something that turns me on.
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