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    Does anyone have trouble with TomTom not saving routes? Mine saved the first route and ALWAYS loads it when I open up TomTom at first. I then have to clear the route and enter another. If I have to leave TomTom for any reason, the new route is gone and the old one is loaded again. Saving the new route as a favorite before closing the program does NOT work. I do have 4.42. Maybe version 5 will fix this? I'm just curious if others have the same problem.
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    I don't have this issue.
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    Just loaded Nav5 - how bummed am I? Still does not appear you can save a route. I have to manually "Find alternative" to use a road that I want to go to work; but then can't save it as either a Favorite or an Itn. If I create it in an Itn, it lists time to the first destination, but not the final destination.

    I also read at one time that Nav5 would allow you to adjust speed, so travel times would be more accurate. It generally appeared Nav2004 would add an extra 10 minutes for every Hour, at highway speed. For long trips, this ends up being quite an error.
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    I originally had some problems with an old itinerary being appended to a new one. I tried deleting the itinerary or just the old parts but it always came back. I also had problems with blank intermediate waypoints being inserted as well. Finally I found the itn directory of the SD and deleted the temporary.iti file and now it all seems to be working ok. I've successfully saved and retrieved itineraries. I have not tried to save a navigation route and I'm not sure there is a way to do so. Seems like you should be able to create an itinerary of your preferred route and then just use it. (although I'm not sure nav guidance to work is a high priority route?)

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