There has been very little written about the Emtac line of GPS devices and the Treo 650. Thanks to the help of Lamar over at Mapopolis, I can report that the device is working pretty well with the 650 - still, I find it a bit disappointing thanks to the 650, and not to the Emtac Trine device I own. When I first started using the device with the 650, finding satellites was not a problem for the Emtac. However, maintaining a BT connection with the 650 was. I have since learned that this may be due to the fact that when the 650 processor is overtaxed, it drops the BT connection with the Emtac and it needs to be re-established (which can be a pain in the ****, since you have to do this almost every few minutes). Thanks to Lamar's advise, which was was to set my maps up in folders on my SD card in folders of no greater than 15 to 18 Megs, the BT connection no longer craps out on me. As an aside, I cannot tell whether the 1.08 update has really done anything with respect to the functioning of the program. One issue I do have with respect to Mapopolis 2.3 is that if you tinker with the program settings while you have a BT connection, this tends to break the BT connection, and you have to re-establish the connection.

One point I wish to make - and that is that BT is really not up to suff on the 650 when running GPS. I am advised by Lamar that Mapopolis is running beautifully, however, with the Seidio serial GPS device and mount (and with BT out of the picture) the Treo is running much better.

Hope this helps - I encourage others to post their experiences with the Emtac GPS.