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    I've had this very annoying bug happen twice now since updating to ROM 1.08: If I miss a call and someone leaves a voicemail, I get a reset (beyond just your normal soft reset) when I either press "OK" or "Listen" on the alert screen. The resulting reset is very annoying because it all preferences and registration codes are lost! Thank God for Backupman which restores flawlessley, but this has happened twice now in the middle of my work day...

    Anyone else with this problem? What could it be?
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    As much as a pain as it is I suggest a hard reset and installing all of your apps one at a time from scratch. I would wager that the update is not the problem, but you have a file that may have gotten corrupted during the backup/update process.

    I know it's a pain. I did the same thing when I installed. I wanted to make sure of no conflicts and also it's a good time to "clean house" on your treo. I like to do that anyway every few months or so to get ris of any gobbldy -gook that may have accuculated over time.

    I suggest making a reference file on your desktop with all of your registration codes and settings.

    Once again, I know it's a pain, but it's nice having a virgin treo.

    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by acousticbiker
    The resulting reset is very annoying because it all preferences and registration codes are lost!
    I ran into this problem as well - every reset would effectively eliminate my Saved Preferences and I'd have to reinstall the prc file. Eventually I bit the bullet and re-entered all the preferences (including reg codes) and things are fine now. Never got to the bottom of what happened.....
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    lol... this has been happening to me for a few days. Very annoying... I did a search yesterday but I already knew the answer... I have done at least 2 Shadowmite roms and then back to the original rom and now 1.08 and have yet to do a complete (clean sweep) reinstall of all apps... I am way overdue...
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