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    In light of the threads below that claim that perhaps Cingular has done the ol' bait and switch on us and is slowing down our data, I thought we should start our own Cingular thread for data speed.

    Put the browser and the City in your results (since Xiino results are skewed).

    I just did it in Los Angeles with Blazer on a 100kb test,

    41 kbit/sec
    3.132s latency
    41.312s d/l time
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    San Jose, CA
    18kbps, best out of 10 tests

    Update, 2:00pm Thurs 3/24:
    Back to 20kbps and below Thursday evening.

    This is nowhere near the 100kbps I was getting 2 weeks ago.
    Method: Blazer testing on
    PS. Doesn't this thread belong in US GSM where the other threads related to this topic are located?
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    Port St. Lucie, FL
    58 kbit/sec

    But this time of day is always slow...
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    I just got 90, 99 and 111 on consecutive tests using Blazer in Santa Clara, CA (Cingular)

    Treo 650 - Cingular GSM
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    Lawton-Ft. Sill, OK
    4 bars signal, 200k test
    107 kbit/sec
    1.738s latency
    16.582s d/l time
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    You should probably list the testing method to ensure that the statistics you get out are consistent across all the people reporting.
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    Where are you doing the speed tests? What site?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmevanson
    Where are you doing the speed tests? What site?
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    By the way, if you look at the "results today" link (, you can get all this information without asking people to post it here. It's all there - kbps, latency, test size, service provider (domain), and browser (user agent).

    Well, okay, it doesn't tell you the geographic market.

    You'll have to scroll down a bit to get the Cingular numbers, past all the artificially inflated Xiino numbers, and past the people who are using Verizon and have EVDO. It looks like today's GPRS/EDGE reigning champion is actually an ATT wireless customer who scored a 181 on the 600k test.
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    2 bars - Atlanta, GA - 100k test
    89 kbit/sec
    2.59s latency
    11.413s d/l time
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    Atlanta, GA - 100k test (w/ 5 Bars)
    107 kbit/sec
    1.77s latency
    9.223s d/l time

    I'm on Media Net Unlimited ... Looks like Cingular got their speed issues worked out well!
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    3 Bars - Des Moines, Ia
    52 kbit/sec
    2.27 lat
    11.7 dl time

    My buddy has a Sprint 650 and he was getting close to 100 kbs.... consistantly
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    Boston, MA
    4 bars
    200k test

    Screaming at 84 to 93 kbit/sec
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    Houston, Tx
    4 bars

    58 kbit/sec
    2.877s latency
    16.589s d/l

    78 kbit/sec
    1.794s latency
    22.095s d/l

    72 kbit/sec
    3.223s latency
    68.47s d/l
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmevanson
    My buddy has a Sprint 650 and he was getting close to 100 kbs.... consistantly
    When I first got my Treo 650 I was getting 140kbps-160kbps consistently on Cingular.

    I might add that T-Mobile users are also complaining about the exact same thing (US GSM category,) the data rates on GPRS have slowed to a crawl in California. If TMo and Cingular still share equipment in Cali then this could mean something.
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    I know this is a Cingular thread, but just for the sake of comparison, here are my test results:
    Location: New Delhi, India
    Service Provider: Hutch
    Service: Edge/GPRS
    Time 4:30AM (Very little, if any load on network)

    100k test (w/ 4 Bars) Test done 10 times.

    The best:
    94 kbit/sec
    2.021s latency
    10.281s d/l time

    The worst:
    69 kbit/sec
    2.084s latency
    13.347s d/l time

    200k test (w/ 4 Bars) Test done 10 times.

    The best:
    120 kbit/sec
    1.791s latency
    15.038s d/l time

    The worst:
    74 kbit/sec
    1.797s latency
    23.212s d/l time

    600k test (w/ 4 Bars) Test done 5 times.

    The best:
    145 kbit/sec
    3.695s latency
    34.726s d/l time

    The worst:
    73 kbit/sec
    1.85s latency
    67.25s d/l time

    So are these results good or poor, specially considering the time the tests were done? To me personally Edge does not seem to be any faster than plain old GPRS. Atleast I cannot tell much difference between my Treo 600 and Treo 650 in real world usage at normal times during the day.
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    New York City, NY
    39 kbit/s
    2.762s latency
    23.2s d/l time for 100k test, 4 bars of signal

    I'm using a GSM unlocked (FW 1.15) on Cingular's mediaworks plan. This is my second treo 650, both have never had higher than a 40kb/s score. Has anyone else in NY been able to do faster? I've called Cingular asking to reregister, but they claim that the slow speeds are a known issue they are working on...
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    St. Louis, Missouri (NCAA Final Four!!!)
    138ish kbit/s consistently
    2.905s latency
    14.393s d/l time for 100k test, 5bars of signal
    Cingular Branded Treo 650
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    Forgive the stupid question but I've never seen 5 bars on my signal strength indicator ever (ATTWS). Are you sure the max is 5 bars and not 4?
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    Salt Lake City, UT
    4 bars

    121 kbit/sec
    3.781s latency
    16.927s d/l
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