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    How much do you think this jewel encrusted Treo 650 will go for at auction?

    Jewel Encrusted Treo 650
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    I'm sick of that dang thing already. It's everywhere.
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    Well it's for a fantastic cause, so let the word get out!
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    Wow, that is just bizarre.
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    I wonder how well the "jewels" stay on...
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    Currently it's at $1200. I guess that's probably Canadian dollars.
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    Canadian baby but ill pass thanks

    come to think of it...i may just bid for it but not till closer to the date...this is pretty cool and of course 1 of a kind, and of course for a good cause
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    Hey Canadian girls are H-O-T...
    the ones that actually pay attention to American Oreo's.
    Ouch :P

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