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    Has anyone else had problems with real player rebooting their 650??? And if so how can i fix this...
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    Im also having this problem, after I updated the software from palmone. I called sprint and was told to do a hard reset. But Im gonna call back to get more info.
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    Yeah, I'm having problems with Real Player after the firmware update:

    I'm listening to music on Real Player with headphones.
    The phone rings.
    I pull the headphones out.
    The call is immediately diconnected.
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    Well my 650 kept rebooting once in a while when i tried to play specific songs, then after I posted my message i realized it was doing it evertime I tried to play these same two songs... Wierd, I dont know why, but anyways I deleted the two songs and it has not happened since...
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    I've got the same problem, after the upgrade it reboots my 650. I did a hard reset and it worked fine. When I hot synced, it reboots my 650. Something in my backup files is causing it to crash. It worked fine before the rom upgrade. I tried to get realplayer off their web site but the page is gone?
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    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    alpha, fino saint & tom -- problem resolved? If so, how?
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    Not resolved. When I do a hard reset (and don't load my backup) it works. I just haven't taken the time to load each program to see what one is causing the problem.
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    OK, I found that Realplayer only causes the reboots when I install a track that I had on my computer in .wma format and which I converted to mp3 @ 80Kbps. (It's supposed to work with anything 64Kbps or above.)

    I have absolutely no problem installing and playing any of the mp3 (96 Kbps)tracks that came pre-loaded on my Dell. I haven't yet tried converting my own tracks to a higher bit rate, or downloading from the Real Music Store.

    Hope this helps us solve the problem. Anybody else care to chime in?
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    I did a hard reset and reinstalled each application manually and tried out realplayer after each app. No more resets!. I was also having problems with my mail rebooting the system. Everything works fine now. I believe my problem has been trying out too many applications, deleting them and adding new ones (I also like trying out beta apps). I believe some of the apps were not written well and caused problems.

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