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    I just got my 650 last week and have really enjoyed it. I've learned quite a lot here on TC.

    I have the same question that has been asked many times in various ways, but on here and other support sites, there have been different answers - I can't figure out what is correct.

    What works fine for me:
    Versamail seems to work great retrieving and sending mail wirelessly via my POP account.

    What I want:
    I use Outlook XP on my desktop (not Exchange, it is setup to use my POP accounts). I want Versamail to "synch" my Outlook Inbox and Sent folders properly when I Hotsync. Unfortunately, in Versamail Desktop Wizard, "An email account detected on this PC" is grayed out; giving me only the choice to setup as POP - which does not do a thing with Outlook that I can tell.

    1. Why does it not show Outlook (email account on PC) as a choice? Some people say they are setup this way. Is this because their Outlook is setup to use Exchange, not POP? Reading emails about older Versamail versions, it doesn't seem that this was a problem... people reported synching with Outlook Inbox as I want to.

    2. A workaround some users suggest is to BCC: outgoing emails to a secondary email account and have Outlook filter those to "Sent". I see where VM can be set to auto-BCC: replies, but did I miss where the setting so it does it on all outgoing?

    Again - thanks to all the folks on here who post such helpful info - it has helped alot.
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    Well... apparently nobody has a definitive answer for this ?

    In any case - I quit trying to get it to work the way I wanted with POP3. I just switched to using IMAP on my desktop and Versmail - now everything stays synced in all folders, just the way I wanted. No dupes, No BCC:, and all messages centralized.

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    And now you should try ChatterEmail if you're using IMAP...

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    Has anyone had trouble loading the versamail desktop component? I can't get it to run and I can't seem to understand how to install the components again. Also, when using the Versamail Desktop, does the email from the Treo sync/backup to the desktop?

    I have had a few occasions whre versamail will reset the Treo and then all may email is gone. Other than these items Versamail seems to work fine for me on a POP account.


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