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    Need some help on Verichat... I'm currently on the Always-on mode but because of my area maybe, periodically experience disconnects. I was under the impression that if I were disconnected IM's would be sent to my SMS (Text message). I basically was alerted to this when my buddy was chatting with me on his sidekick and I ended up missing a whole section of conversation because I had been disconnected, but on his screen I still appeared to be there. I later experimented at home when my brother was on-line and my verichat had gotten disconnected. I appeared on-line on his buddy list, but I didnt get anything that I was sending over. Secondly, whats the difference if I switch it to DATA as opposed to SMS.
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    Data requires the data connection be maintained. It is a faster drain on the battery. It also might slow down browsing. The SMS method sends you an SMS that you have a chat request. If you accept it, then verichat opens and opens a network connection that stays active during the chat session. If you loose the data conection or close verichat you should get an SMS requesting another chat session from the person sending messages to you. That is how it has worked for me. IF you loose the entire service connection, phone and data, you won't get anything and if you did not signoff of the verichat server before loosing the signal verichat will think you are receivinng the SMS chat requests it is sending out. I would think that once you are back on the network they would pop up, but maybe they don't. I never loose the Sprint signal here in Houston.
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