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    This is somewhat scattered over several threads at this point, but there does not seem to be a defiinte answer, since sometimes people are not making it clear if they are CDMA or GSM or if they have used the new update or not and it the one post below by treoneo that looked like it inended this same thing, its getting cluttered up with problems people were having with various sets and pre-post comparisons and fixes, so here it goes:

    What is the "Best" BT headset to get for Sprint 650 post-Sprint (1.08) update?

    I realize this is very subjective, but for me the key factors are:

    1. Volume/clarity on both ends since I will be using it in a fairly nosisy car

    2. The ability to use voice dial from the headset by just pushing a button on the headset. What I want is what I have with my wired headset. I push the button on the cord and it takes me straight to voicedial (the one that came with my 650). I have seen some posts that say this is possible, some that say it is not. This is a dealbreaker for me for a headset, wired or BT since, otherwise, I have to get out and mess with the phone anyway.

    3. EASY and consistant answering of calls. With the Moto 810 that I had for a bit, it was very hard to know when you had "hooked up" on an incomming call. sometimes it took one press of the button, sometimes two. "Auto/handsfree" answer is not critical to me, I don't mind pressing a button on the headset to answer a call, but I do want it to be consistant every time.

    4.Overall ease of use, again subjective, but we have a lot of experiance out there.

    5. Cost is not a factor (my company will pay for it!) but, obviously, if the same quality/features, cheaper is better.

    Again, not interested (in this thread) about how to fix problems or that something is "better" than it used to be, per se, looking for a buying recomendation for the "best" set I can get now that I have installed the update

    Thanks for any and all replies
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    Treo Wireless headset by far...
    read the other thread..
    I'm convinced, that is the best by far... no static, perfectly clear, connects very quickly, and with the eargels, very, very, very, very loud.
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    I couldn't use my HBH 660 before the update because the volume was too low. It's great now! It took a while to remember how to pair it, which screwed up the pairing on my Audi A6, but everything's cool now.

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