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    Is anyone else experiencing instability issues with FlyZip and the treo 650? Out of the 6 applications Ive compressed & moved to card my SD card, ive only had success running 2 of the applications from the palm launcher!! This is really frustrating because FlyZip has the potential to be such a wonderful product.

    As opposed to PowerRun (which only moves applications), FlyZip will move apps to the SD card AND compress it for you so it takes little space. Furthermore, compared to PowerRun, moved & compressed apps are faster to access and you dont get that annoying asterisk* on every moved app in the palm launcher.

    Its a shame that such a brilliant product has to be so useless on my treo.
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    is flyzip a launcher or will it work with launcherX?
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    FlyZip has a built in launcher but you dont have to use it. It gives you the option of compressing & launching either from the palm launcher via SD card, the palm launcher via ROM, or the FlyZip launcher. Or, you can simply use FlyZip as a means to compress apps. Ive never used LauncherX so Im not sure if you would be able run compressed apps from the LauncherX interface.
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    FlyZip is basically PowerRun with compression when it stores programs on the SD card.

    I was experiencing a problem with FlyZip XR, but I emailed the developer and they have a beta version that works perfectly. The one I have is version 3.6b16. No problems at all and I love it! If you email them please ask when the finalized version will be released. They were pretty quick to email me the beta when I asked for it.

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    Yes please let us all know. It sucks for the 650, but for the 600 it was great!
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    Yea, i believe the problem was that XR was never tested on the 650 so when I tried it on the 650, it corrupted a bunch of my apps. I did the same thing than Peridoc and I got version 3.6b1 and it works perfectly. Although I have had one issue where the treo crashed whilst zipping a file and when it rebooted I couldnt open, unzip or do anything to the file. Other than that it's been working great.

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