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    Uneven focus - notice that the focus on the right side is significantly sharper than the left - After posting this I noticed the green lines in the upper left of the 1st pic!
    Green line - a sign of things to come
    CCD/CMOS sync problems. - something fundamentally wrong going on here.
    The "Green Screen of Death" (GSOD (tm)) - Microsoft, eat your heart out! (This was taken after a reset)

    This one is going back.
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    Ok, I'm really new.
    I have noticed a solid green line appearing every once in a while on pictures taken with the camera of my 2 week old Sprint 650.
    Am I eventually going to have the above problems?
    Should I go get a new unit?


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    Unknown - Some people have reported that their green lines went away after a soft reset, others (like me) have had them continually reappear, and some (very few) people (also me) have been unlucky enough to experience the CMOS timing and GSOD problems.

    If you reset and the problem goes away, then I'd not worry. If you're really concerned, call P1 and ask them about it. If you experience the CMOS timing and GSOD problems, I suspect you have a HW problem.
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    I took a close look at the uneven focus too, since that was a problem for me... it seems that the lens cover glass has to be VERY CLEAN or you'll see fuzz and fur.

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    So who takes care of this? The carrier? palmone?
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    If your phone is a subsidized phone (tmob, cing, sprint etc. branded) you go through the carrier first I think. My phone is an unbranded GSM phone I bought in a P1 store in a mall, so I went directly to P1 with the problem.

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