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    I have a quick question. If I buy a Cingular 650 and all I want to do is go on the net, no text messaging, is the $24.99 plan the right thing?
    Also, excuse my ignorance, VPN is virtual private network? Since I'm not sure what it is, I don't think I would need it.
    Thanks for any help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmevanson
    I am at 7MB so far this month!
    How do you track your usage ?
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    Tmobile $19.99. I am on the Ipaq plan I get Unlimited internet, Hotspots and about 1000, unlimited txt for $79.99 yeah
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    The main difference between the $24.99 MEdiaNet unlimited plan and the $39.99 unlimited PDA plan is that "officially" you are not supposed to be able to activate the MEdiaNet plan for a PDA!! That this has happened is widely reported, and is apparently due to massive confusion within Cingular regarding data plans, but I've seen internal advisories that state clearly that the MEdiaNet plan is for "smartphones" only, and that PDAs (incl. the 650) MUST use the PDA Connect plan due to the higher likely data usage of a PDA vs. a WAP phone. Extending this logic, the unlimited data plan for laptops is around $80/month!

    If you can get a Cingular rep to activate MEdiaNet for your PDA, good for you (I couldn't), but I believe the window of opportunity is closing as Cingular gets its act together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pabo
    I got the $99 Nationwide Family 2k minutes + 2 phones @ $9.99 ea + unlimited Data, Unlimited SMS and 200 MMS for $19.99........ first bill was $1,122. Gotta love good CS......
    As in ONE THOUSAND one hundred and twenty two? That is EXCELLENT customer service if they got you for that much...
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