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    So I have been doing a little research in the next generation 3G GSm data services. Here in the US, Cingular is rolling out Edge, which I would call a 2.5G network, with data speeds up to 180 kbps, vs 40 - 53 kbps for GPRS. But the UMTS data network in Europe is up to 384kbps! What gives? I feel like no matter what I buy, I am always behind Europeans in flexibility and capabilty. I can't help but think that US State governements' greed and the FCC's insensitivity to US citizens' communications needs are behind this.

    What to do? I want high speed data at a low price! Maybe we can't start some sort of campaign to raise consumer awareness that Americans are getting ripped off, tricked into buying incompatible technology because carriers won't standardize on systems that the rest of the world uses.

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    Your best bet is to move
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    UMTS owned GPRS

    tried UMTS before, streaming tv is very fluid

    video calling is fluid as well, without lag or jitter
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    Verizon has EVDO available in many areas and Sprint should be rolling it out soon.

    You could theoretically hit well above 1 mbps on an EVDO network. In addition, EVDV is now essentailly dead so this technology and the hyped rev A should be around for a long time.

    Finally, many of the next generation networks overseas are using CDMA technology. So saying that GSM is the worldwide standard is no longer accurate.

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    Check this thread.

    HSDPA is better than UMTS.

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