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    Hey, i had the weirdest behavior today... 2 days ago i updated my phone to the new firmware and was impressed... just after i did it, the bt800 worked fine... there was more of a lag issue than before, so i didnt use it for a day... today i installed the bt dun fix and all of a sudden my headset wont even do anything with the phone... i deleted the pairing on both sides and started from scratch... the treo says disconnecting from bt800 just after discovery and says that the pairing was successful. the bt800 shows the phone's name as blank and when it tries to access the phone, i see the active bt session icon pop up and then it goes away and the headset goes back to sleep... it wont pick up, start calls, anything... i took out the bt dun and did a few soft resets and the same thing still happens
    any ideas?
    Treo 800w 8/08
    Nokia N800
    previously: Treo 700wx 12/06, Sprint 6700 3/06; Treo 650 11/04; Treo 600 1/04 (gone); Samsung i500 (gone); Hitachi G1000 11/03 (gone); Nokia 7110 5/00(best phone ever)
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    exact same problem here. I have the motorola HS820

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