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    I need to set up a distrubtion list for email and/or SMS messages, is this possible with the 650? I'm using Versamail and everything that came standard with the 650 GSM.

    I tried setting up a dist. list in Outlook and syncing, but it didn't get transferred to the Treo

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    Viper0775, I too need distribution list functionality. I am using the SnapperMail Enterprise version. Any smart folks out there figured this out? Thanks!
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    far too much work I am sure, but:

    -set up a Email account that shows your name as the sender.

    -leave outlook active on your computer checking for incoming messages 24/7

    Set up 2 rules on it:
    1. any incoming mail from yourself gets forwarded to your mailing list.
    2. any incoming mail from anyone else gets forwarded to you.

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    You can create distribution lists in favorites. I have used that to create an SMS distribution list. Only works for creating new SMS, don't think it works for forwarding. You can also create distribution lists for email here. Haven't tried it yet though.

    To create an SMS distribution list in favorites, specify the favorite as "Message". For email, it's "Email".
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    After doing some reading in the notes of SnapperMail, I found that creating a distribution list with the Treo 600 isn't possible, because each new entry is it's own record, and you cannot combine several email addresses under one group name in the phone book...when you go to send an email, the program asks you which email address you want to use, and won't allow you to select all emails listed under one name at once to send as a group.

    I found a work around that may be helpful to some. I have a couple of groups of up to 50 recipients that I need to mail the same message to at once. I used the "memo" app; in this case, PSMemo. I listed the emails in my groups seperated by commas. When I need to send out a "mass" email, I simply to go PSMemo and copy all of the names, and then paste them in the email app.

    It may seem like a pain to some, but tapping on 50 different emails each time I need to send a message to a group of folks seems more insane and time consuming to me. I hope someone else finds this idea useful...or someone figures out a way to create group email distribution lists in the standard app going forward.
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    I have a Treo 650 and the favorites solution to create a list works great. Thanks!!
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    Apparently PalmOne wrote an app to address this issue. Try the app grouptextmessaging from
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