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    Hi! I did a very stupid thing two days ago. The belt clip for my Treo 600 opened and the unit fell face down on the floor. The screen was dead black and wouldn't start up again.
    I connected the unit to the wall electrical current and it booted up again (of course all data was lost). I rebooted it and discovered the battery was at 45%. I rebooted many times in all the different ways (sorry I live in France now and don't know the terms in English although I'm American):
    1 - "normal" just with the paper clip
    2 - "program" reboot with the paper clip and pressing on the up button
    3 - and finally the "hard" reboot paper clip + GSM button
    and even the backspace and k reboot.
    I recharged the battery and maybe I didn't pay enough attention before it seems to discharge much more quickly than before.
    I use the Treo mostly for MP3 and a French dictionary and the occasional SMS or call. I have read all the posts about batteries here and even the tools to replace one. Does anybody have any idea what I might have damaged and why the unit went completely black with O battery after its fall?
    Thanks for the answers
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    Heh, the word you're looking for is "reset". As for what could be wrong, I suppose the battery could have loosened a little from the shock of the impact, but that seems a bit unlikely...

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