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    I updated the software to Treo650-1.08-SPCS last night. Prior to the update, I synched to backup my profile, and due to memory issues (only 7-8MB left), did a hard reset. After the update completed under a temporary profile name, I hard reset again, and followed with a synch under my usual profile name. However, after that synch, my Treo goes into a reset loop that does not stop without a hard reset....attempt at a system reset had no effect.

    I also have a 1GB SD card that I kept out of the Treo while updating.

    Anyone have ideas on how to fix the reset loop?
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    probably need to manually reinstall your programs. I would not spend too much time looking for a quicker way.
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    I tend to agree. If the system reset didn't allow it to boot fully, then there's something seriously interfering. My first guess would be something that has deep hooks into the OS, like a launcher replacement or one of those do-all calendars.

    I had a reset loop because of Fonts4OS5... I had forgotten to deactivate it.


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