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    Is there a way to have the Treo work as a VoIP phone over GPRS?

    Let me elucidate. I have a VoIP number and I know what it takes to configure it on any device. Is there a software download ( softphone ) that will make it possible for me to use the VoIP number and configure it on the Treo to use on the GPRS bandwidth.

    With me sitting in INdia, if this were possible, it would save me a bundle on international calls.

    *Probably* the first Treo user from Mumbai.
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    Skype would work but you it is only available on PPC. The other issue is that the QOS on GPRS is shakey at best, so at the end of the day you would probably not have anything more than a cool trick to show your friends.

    Do you have a SIP address now?

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    I got something called IPphone, but I haven't been able to make it work. Might have something to do with not having an IP to call!
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    what about using the Treo as a dial-up modem via GPRS and using Skype on your PC or laptop?
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    there is also a palm-based SIP phone called GPhone that might work though it is for the Tungsten C and isn't very well supported. You should also contact xTen and see if they have plans for a SIP client for palm.

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