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    I am trying to connect my Zire 72 to the BT DUN on my unlocked 650. I have Cingular blue and have managed to use dun on my windows laptop just fine. How do I configure my Zire to connect?

    I have not found anything that describes how to connect with another P1 unit. I have tried searching here and not really found anything, since most relate to connecting to windows. Can anybody give me specifics or point me to a place that does?


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    I cannot speak directly about the pairing with a Zire 72 but since you said you did not find directions, I am going to go ahead and point you to the support page for bluetooth set up for the 72:,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,case=obj(19227)

    Since you have set up the DUN with your laptop, I am assuming you have functionality with your Treo. It is necessary to set up the profile on your 72 now.
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    Thanks, although I have seen this and it didn't really help. There seems to be something more fundamentally wrong between the Zire and the Treo. I really need some guidance from sombody who has actually done this.

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    Anybody out there connecting their Zire via BT???

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