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    I think it's time to start a thread for just problematic experiences with the new update, to compare and isolate the new problems.

    I'll start. I had had no problems whatsoever with my Treo 650 Sprint since getting it and using it the last two weeks. No unusual resets or abnormal application errors. Before I left work today I took some pictures and video. I get home and find that there's an update available. Hoo-rah. Increased functionality, bug-fixes, AND more RAM? Awesome. Installed it as the instructions said, and all is fine and dandy. Hey look! More memory space! Awesome. The phone application doesn't lag so much either. Things are going well. Then an application running on the SD Card crashes. Reset. I go to review the pictures and video I took ealier that day, and they are all corrupt. Some unopenable like the video, some pictures just covered in graphical artifacts. I think this isn't good, but since I haven't had the thing long, I hard reset and start from scratch, making a new HotSync user to prevent any backup files from sneaking back on. I assume that since the update applied to the ROM, I don't need to reapply the update. After setting up everything again, before the first HotSync, the Treo resets while in Versamail, and begins to infinitely reset-loop. Hit soft-reset and it brought up the dialog to turn Network time on/off. I hit Done, and it reset loops again. Hard-reset. So far so good, but I will post again if I run into another problem. I think the lesson here is this:

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


    PS: Does anyone else have two copies of Camera, of different versions, and two copies of VersaMail of v3.0c on their Info/Version list? I find that odd.
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    Verasync still doesnt delete emails off pop3 servers. Everything else is fine.

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