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    I have a Cingular Branded 650, earlier I took the SIM card out to see what brand it is. When I put the SIM back in and turned the phone back on, a SPRINT screen appeared, where the Cingular logo used to be! It searches for Cingular service and says so at the top of the screen. It hasn't (that I know of) done anything bad to my phone. I was just curious as to why this happened if anyone else has experienced this!

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    Someone else experienced this, and another user actually had a Tungsten splash screen on their GSM 650.

    Your phone should be fine, and if you do a search should be able to find out about modifying splash screens.
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    You didn't install one of the custom overlays, did you? I've heard where Cingular people have installed an overlay only to find out later that it was created for the Sprint version.

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