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    I'm looking for a memory defragmenter for the Visor. I had one long ago for my Palm Pro, but can't seem to find one on any of the major sites. Anyone heard of such a program?
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    I posted the following to PDABUZZ several months ago:

    OK, I've been looking around the net and there is some disagreement about fragmentation on 3.x and above. Most claim it is not necessary and everyone agreed that 3.x has much better memory handling. I also read warnings that running a defrag program could actually cause file problems on 3.x.
    I also ran across this comment on usenet:
    "You *can* fragment the heap on PalmOS 3.x systems by leaving locked items in the heap. Hackmaster extensions, security applications, OS updates and crashed applications sometimes do leave locked records behind in the heap. Turning off all hacks and performing a no-extensions reset will sometimes help defrag the heap in these cases."

    So I would try that if things start getting slow. Easy enough to do; just go into Hackmaster, select Uninstall All, then do a reset. Then resinstall hacks.

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    I'm using a defragmenter program called "Recycle"

    It display the Max Free Block, Average Free, Fragged Heaps. The visor would perform a soft reset after the program finish defragment and then return to the defragment menu. I don't have any problem with this program.
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    P.-Info (from the same author as Runtime) contains a defrag option (as well as the ability to set your battery type, battery levels, and timeout setting.

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