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    Well, probably not only POTENTIALLY dumb.

    Just got my Treo 650 yesterday, with Sprint service. I'm playing around with Blazer and have been trying to log on to several forum sites and my blog. Logins have been giving me trouble. A lot of the time I highlight a login link and try to activate it both with the stylus and with the center button without any result. I'm not sure, but it seems the issue may be javascript related. Has anyone had any similar issues with this? The strange thing is that the problem is not consistent. Earlier today I was able to use login prompts without too much trouble (later I ran into trouble trying to post on my blog; I got javascript errors upon trying to save a post, but I got through login).

    Any suggestions for a newbie? Thanks.
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    Are you using wide page or optimized in blazer? Wide page I think you have to use the stylus to double tap a link and tap and type in a box. In optimized you an use the five way nav to hightlight a box, light blue box around it, and then center button to select, and then type. And for the links use the 5 way to highlight and center button to activate.

    Hope that helps!
    Mike G

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