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    I am using the keypad of my T600 to type the first letter of a contact to find and dial the telephone number. I find very annoying the fact that the Keypad lights up only 2 seconds or so. I have no time to key in the second letter and the keypad light turns off. Is ther a way to have the keypad light up for at least 30 seconds so at night I have time to finish my search ?
    Thank you.
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    brightcam? i believe it will keep the keyboard lights on in dim light conditions if you set it to.
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    You might also try Treo Butler. I think there is a setting on there for the keyboard lights to be on after a certain time.
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    thanks Guys.
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    turns the keyboard on full-time, although will dim your screen somewhat. For a while this didn't make sense to me, but I realized that a bright screen is needed most in a bright environment, not a dim one.

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