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    With Z-Launcher, is there anyway to make it show the Bluetooth icon in the top bar? It replaces the signal-strength icon with it's own, but it doesn't show the BT status.
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    I loved Silver Screen when I owned my 600. Then after receiving months of blow off responses from their tech support regarding bugs with the 650 I was forced to pick a different launcher.

    My first impression of zLauncher was that it was the perfect launcher but too ugly for me to use.

    I tried a few other launchers then came back to zLauncher. I quickly realized that my biggest problem with zLauncher (asthetics) was not a problem at all. It is so customizable with settings for things that sometime make me wonder "how they even thought of this setting?".

    I love zLauncher. Reliable, launches apps from SD card, great built in file utility, and extremely visualy customizable.
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    Installation: I am about to install Zlauncher after reading about it on this helpful site....

    1. Can I install Zlauncher to the SD card?

    2. Themes--The instructions state that you must download at least one theme intially, what theme should be downloaded - there wasn't a direct reference to the TREO 650-- the choices relate to the color capability-- 64k, 256 colors or 16 grayscale?
    If you download all of the themes is it easy to delete them after you select one?

    3. Features: any tips for starting off with a straightforward , streamlined version of the features?

    Any suggestions would be great.

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    Is it possible to add web shortcuts to LauncherX "Web" tab? I didn't see any information about this in the manual.
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    there's a lot of stuff abt zlauncher themes and things abt how to configure it discussed on this board itself, so u don;t really have t go anywhere.... but what u do need to do is use the "search button".

    just type-in "zlauncher" and press the search button, u should find answers to most if not all ur questions.... and if still in doubt, u can always ask again

    edit: well.. don't have anything better to do anyways.

    1. you gotta run it off ram and not the sd card.

    2. as for themes : choose 64K

    3. u really ought to search for that but here's whatever li'l advice i can give...
    i tried various themes, backgrounds, clolour combinations, fonts... everything. after making it as funky as possible i found out that wht i do like is to have it totally clean n simple. attaching my three fav themes for u... the t3_standard is the one i like the most.
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    ZLauncher gets my vote (so far). Those that call it bloated probably installed every .prc and .pdb that came in the Zip file, which is unnecessary. LauncherX's .prc is 450 kb, while ZLauncher's is 433 kb--themes, plugins, and other add-ons are up to the individual user's preference and you only need to have one theme at a time on your Palm, really (just install other themes if and when you want them).

    What I love, love, love is ZLauncher's Today plugin (no extra charge) since my life is very event- and task-oriented these days. This way I don't have to use a separate app just to get a Today-like interface. The standalone Today apps would be an extra $12-$15, and other than their summary screens usually don't offer any additional functionality except for a handful of launcher buttons.

    I'm trialing LauncherX as well and like it a lot, but ZLauncher's customizability and Today plugin might make it a keeper for me.
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    as for the noobs reading this thread (well i happen to be one too ), u definitely ought to check out hi-launcher. maybe not as a standalone launcher, but in conjunction with ur fav launcher... i think it's a must have for every treo user and the speed at which u can launch things with it is just amazing... not to forget the fact that it is accessible at any time, in any app.

    i agree with ninodelsol.... and would like to add that the ppl who call zlauncher too "cluttered", "messy" and "ugly" (???) r the ones who just haven't spent enough time with it. once u figure it out it's just amazing.

    another option which hasn't been discussed much is 'facer launcher'. i think it too is an amazing launcher with lots of bells n whistles... what i personally don't like about it is the lack of control i have over the tabs... that said it too is a very good launcher. i'd actually give it more brownie points than zlauncher if not for the tabs.

    last but certainly not the least... i'd like to mention "initiate". the most different (read brilliant) launcher from any of the above in it's working.

    so for all the newbies checking out this thread, here's a roundup ofthe topmost launchers:

    1. zlauncher - link (had to be at the top )
    2. launcherX - link
    3. intiate - link
    4. facer2 - link

    lastly, a must have app for every treo :
    hi-launcher - link
    as it's said beauty is more than just skin deep, the usability of this app is much more than it appears at first!

    [not gonna mention 'silverscreen' (oops... guess i just did ) coz i think it's too high on eyecandy and much lower on usability than the competition]

    hope u guys find this info helpful....
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    here's a link from MTDN where the users dicuss the pros n cons of their fav launcher. a good read for ppl in search of 'the' perfect launcher (except for there ain't no such thing as perfect) :

    MTDN Members' Opinion: Best Launcher for the Treo?
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    Thanks so much for your direct responses and the extra tips and links you added in your subsequent posts. I will try to load Zlauncher tonight.

    BTW...I really did search the site and read loads of input about the various Launchers but nothing about how to install...that's how I decided to buy Zlauncher and even decided that posting in this thread might attract some experienced help for a newbie trying to get some of the full power of the Treo.

    Thanks for helping to shortcut the learning curve!

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    glad to be of help... just a few days back i was struggling in search of a good launcher myself, and when i finally decided to give zlauncher a go i didn't know what to do with it (for a first time palm user lke me it really is kinda confusing at first), so i understand where u're coming from.

    well if u've done the research as u say u have, u might have come across mattyparanoid's 'missing icons' post. to tell ya abt it in short, when u use a theme with zlauncher, and uncheck the "zoom icon" option, the icons kinda disappear. thanks to matty who created an iconset (see attached file), which after installing solves the problem.
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    Well since I like to customize the look and feel of my desktop....I stayed up all night playing with Zlauncher which I know I'll love. Thanks for the tip about the icons... but I don't think they are mising icons?? I loaded one of the themes that came with the get started.

    In searching the site-- I did find that cool themes are available at PalmSpirit...but the one I selected wouldn't load? Where did you find the themes that you tried?

    Now- I will load Hi-Launcher tonight....if I don't get divorced for neglecting my husband...any tips?...on the Hi-Launcher..not staying married ..

    BTW-- for the non- newbies reading this post-- ZZtech issued a new Version 5.11 of Zlauncher on 2/21/05.

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    Right now I'm loving Todayplus. The name is misleading but it is a great launcher similar to Hi-launcher. A lot of the features are plug-ins so you can install only what you want to keep size down.

    The only thing it's missing is Treo650 5-way nav support which the developer says will be out in April along with a few other features. The developer also just released a skinner for the app. I am not too fond of the Mate feature so I have uninstalled it.
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    lol... customizing zlauncher sure is fun, and fyi the latest version is 5.2 (updated yesterday). most of the themes i got are from palmspirit and a few other sites, just make sure u install the theme meant for ur device, most themes there are for hi-res+ 320x480 devices. u can find a quite a few themes here:

    check out this page for apps you'll need if you want to make your own theme. there's ZL Iconset Factory to create custom IconSets, ZL Background Converter and ZL Theme MAnager to make your own themes.

    i do have a couple of good themes.... will post them here if anyone wants.
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    as for hi-launcher tips....

    firstly check -
    see last page for an example of a customized menu by user 'djr'.

    it sure is one gr8 app and makes life so easy (read quick). i have one hardware key assigned for launching Hi-Launcher and the same key (long press) for going back to last app.

    the best part is you can assign shortcuts (one alphabet) to all items present in your menu... even sub-folders. now this feature is what comes in handy the most as after only a few hrs u've alreasy memorised all the shortcuts.

    so i basically have a "dial" folder with numbers of ppl i call the most. so all i do is launch HL, press "d" which takes me into the dial subfolder i created and press the alphabet corresponding to person's name i want to call... and viola! and there's absolutely no delay or wait time.... just press the keys as fast as u can

    there's a fav folder with all fav apps, readily accessible with two clicks again! there's a back folder from which i can select the last used apps in order. a folder with fav web addresses... toggle system prefs... the list goes on and on. you can also use it to launch DAs. what i also love abt it, is the ability to launch the command bar... pretty neat!

    well, i'm sure u get the idea... happy customizing !! and yeah... good luck with the marriage too
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    Quote Originally Posted by tcatnat
    Right now I'm loving Todayplus. The name is misleading but it is a great launcher similar to Hi-launcher. A lot of the features are plug-ins so you can install only what you want to keep size down.
    Wow. This app is incredible. I agree about theMate thing but this guy did it right my making it optional. It obviously needs some work, especially regarding support for the 5-way, but this app is what I expected PalmOne to make, not the same crappy apps from 5 years ago that we have today. THis thing is clever, complete, and zippy fast. Love the plugin architecture structure, and there's ton's of sensical options for everything. Very, very nice. PalmOne should hire this guy and have him develop apps for them, maybe they can fire the dozens of incompetent programmers they apparently have there now.

    Anyways, thanks for this tip, I'll watch this one closely as it progresses.
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    Cool...Thanks Viper for so much help. I can't wait to find the time to work with Hi-Launcher..and finish learning Zlauncher.

    ...but I think I'll need to enroll my husband in the Support Group for Spouses of Treo Owners.

    BTW-- how did you know about the new version of Zlauncher..did they send you a notice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jccomo
    BTW-- how did you know about the new version of Zlauncher..did they send you a notice?
    not really... i do log in here ateast once a day and check out what's happening. i logged in yesterday and there was a thread titled "ZLauncher 5.2 is Available".... which did kind of say it all .

    also i do check PalmAddicts once a day... excellent site with every news possible from everywhere around.

    for all the new ppl out here who are in love with their treos, there are a few nice sites which ought to be checked daily for news, reviews and interesting articles.

    TreoCentral - ofcourse



    PalmAddicts - for latest news n info.

    1src - for latest news n info.

    and if u're surfing from ur treo, then nothing better than Treo1.

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    Thanks Viper!
    <a href="">
    One Stop, plain and simple
    <a href=""> Visit our new Treo650 optimized site!!</a>
    <a href=""> Visit our new website!</a>
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    do you have a registered version of skinner?
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