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    Quote Originally Posted by matthew23
    did they give you the new cords and everything (make you return the old cords, box, etc.)?
    nope. Just swapped out the phone itself.
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    wow, any it was new...i hope mine is like that. how much did they charge you? they charged me $10
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    Quote Originally Posted by matthew23
    wow, any it was new...i hope mine is like that. how much did they charge you? they charged me $10
    Why did you have to pay for a WARRANTY replacement????

    This is not an insurance issue. If your hardware is defective they are obligated under the terms of the warranty to replace it.
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    After 4 phones, my last one (the first refurb) is the best one to date going on 2 months with no problems. EVERY new phone at my local store (San Diego) had broken P keys. I was about to eat the Rep when she handed my a Refurb until I saw the P key was fine!
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    how do the P keys break?
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    Quote Originally Posted by matthew23
    wow, any it was new...i hope mine is like that. how much did they charge you? they charged me $10

    They didn't charge a thing. Why did they charge you?
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    I've had 3 Refurbs in 4 years... all different types of units (SamsungI330/Treo300/Treo600).. They all looked BRAND NEW TO ME.

    One note, I was instructed NOT to return cords, etc, so I didn't, and even DID NOT return the battery(ies), which allowed me to 'have a spare' so to speak... at least you can justify the $10 that way.... They should not have charged you that IMO.

    Good Luck!
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    Wow, that'd be cool...i think the refurb (or hopefully new) treo 650 will be here today...
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    FYI - I wanted to update you guys. I just picked up a warranty replacement for a broken P key today. It finally gave out on me after about 4.5 months. The store would not give me a new on on site, so they ordered me a "refurb" warranty replacement.

    Much to my pleasant surprise, i am the owner of a brand new, not refurbed 650. I'm doing the firmware update as i type this.

    So don't worry, you'll probably get a new one as well.
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    Oh wow, that is really good to hear. hopefully it will be here monday!! Btw, what is the "Dreaded P key" problem?
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    I had the 'p' key problem (the key would fire if you simply rubbed your finger over it. You couldn't use the keyboard in a case with a clear plastic cover over the keyboard as the 'p' key would go off whenever you tried to strike any nearby key). After being sent to a store, where I was told they had not replacements...and they could not get their software to order one, I called Sprint back and pushed the issue. They finally sent out a new unit, arrived in 2 days. Anyone else heard of the 'p' key problem?
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    Got a "replacement phone" from sprint beginning of March. It came just the phone and battery to the sprint store in a plain brown box. Did the ##786# thing and the refurb status was "No" so they do send out new phones as replacements without the retail packaging. My warrenty date was 12-06-04 which I assume the manufacturing date of the phone. Although I did get my first treo phone close to that date.

    I returned my phone due to choppy audio, and naturally this one has the issue too. But now that the ROM upgrade is out I will have a go at that. A few resets on this one but I think that it is a function of choking on some web code (trying to use a "webmail site".
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    I just got a refurb 650, my orginal finally gave up the ghost. It was brand new.
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    brought my 650 into the local sprint store today, the "F" key it stuck down.... they ordered me a reburb, said it would be in on thursday..... they gave me a new 600 last time when I was having the "network search" issues...
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