Hi all,

I am looking for feedback on VersaMail v. 3.0B which came with my unlocked GSM 650. I was using Snappermail on the 600 and found it simple and functional but it was an older version and I don't want to have to fork out for the new version when VersaMail comes free. Nevertheless I have the following issues which are making me give serious consideration to switching to Snappermail:-

1. I maintain 3-4 email accounts with different service providers. I like the way you can set different auto sand/receive's for each but am frustrated that there isn't a single Send/Receive option which will send and receive all of them a la Snappermail or Outlook.

2. I never know whether the auto send/receive is actually being carried out on schedule. With Snapper it woke the screen and you could see it was trying to get your mail. With Versa it just lets you know if you have new mail or if it has had a failure of some sort.

3. VersaMail seems to collect the same mail numerous times on different scheduled send/receives.

4. Although I have set the options on all accounts to collect the entire mail it often just collects the first few lines.

5. I have the option to collect attachements turned on with a limit per file of 100k. Sometimes when I select the option to download the rest of the message it goes through the motions but doesn't download anything extra.

6. I have all my accounts set up to Bcc a copy to another account which I only pop on my PC via Outlook. I have never received any of the Bcc'd mail in that account using Versamail.

7. The 'mail waiting' icon on the phone screen only shows the number of unread emails in the Versamail account I last had on screen. It completely ignores unread mail in the other accounts.

I'm sure there are more little frustrations but those are the main ones. Would appreciate some advice on how to fix them or whether I'm wasting my time and should just upgrade to Snappermail or something else?