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    I have an unlocked GSM Treo 650 running on Cingular's network. Actually, it's my second 650. The first was returned because it was unreliable. The second one is perhaps just as bad, but in new and different ways. The current unit

    1.) Frequently drops calls
    2.) Freezes up for 30+ seconds at a time
    3.) Ceases to transmit sound - callers suddenly can't hear me - calls have to be disconnected and re-established (the salt in the wound: having this happen 45+ mins into waiting for technical support from palmOne)
    4.) Exhibits all kinds of flaky behavior when I try to dial into conference bridges (e.g., calls have to be placed into a bridge 4 - 6 times before a solid connection is set up, choppy audio quality, calls begin to erode in quality, ultimately dropping - sometimes three and four times in a one hour call, etc.)

    I'm currently waiting on my third 650. It's supposed to be shipped shortly. And for the priviledge of taking up countless hours of my time trying to resolve defective product issues, wait endlessly on palmOne's tech support, and apologizing countless times to co-workers and customers that have been cut off by my flaky Treo(s), palmOne is charging me $25 to send me my third phone as part of its "Advanced Exchange" program.

    It's not clear to me how a company can prosper by releasing very poor quality products, and then offerring a shoddy customer service experience - all while charging a premium price for its product. I'm a third generation Treo owner, but if something of higher quality and a reasonably comparable feature set is released, I'll switch.
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    issues I faced in different 650s:

    dirt and bubble in the screen
    constantly freezing and resetting OS (without 3rd party apps)
    loose hotsync-connection which constantly caused interruptions
    dead pixel
    defect side button
    totally blurred photos (camera was wrongly positioned which was obvious to the naked eye ...)

    whereas palmone-support was always topgrade.

    me do also wonder about palmone quality control!

    but am not giving up and currently waiting for another device.

    owned many devices previously. none of them ever had a single hardware issue. but as this treo-concept would be ideal for me I keep on hanging in there.
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    Amen brother. I never bought the 600 - waited patiently for the GSM 650 to ship. Figured they would have ironed things out from the 600.

    I have two GSM 650s now and neither is stable and my third is on order. If that one doesn't work it's three strikes and I'm simply going to get my money back.

    Looked hard at the 6315 but heard T-mo is essentially recalling them today - it is also crash prone. I simply wanted a phone and email with maybe some browsing and games thrown in - looks like I might have to settle for a stable Blackberry.
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    "I feel your pain"

    and, I acted on it.

    Also, all my issues seemed to revolve around any 'phone function'. Same probs as you all. Here's what I did to fix it: l l l l l l l
    \ /
    \ /
    \ /
    \ /
    \ /
    Cingular T650 back to Motorola and a Zire 72!
  5. #5 sorry to hear about your horrible experience. I'm truly amazed at how poorly run p1 is.

    Speaking of the quality of the Treo, have you noticed that some of the keys on the keyboard become loose? I think my "A" key is loose...and, it doesn't have the same 'click' as the other keys used to. It's bothering me b/c sometimes I'm don't feel like I've actually depressed the key.
    Unlocked GSM Treo 650 | T-Mobile
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    Quote Originally Posted by dstroot
    I never bought the 600 - waited patiently for the GSM 650 to ship. Figured they would have ironed things out from the 600.
    I was a happy Treo 600 user...and I was looking forward to some feature improvement with the 650. On balance, it hasn't been a happy experience so far. I love the screen. PalmOne has made some feature functionality changes that make the phone a little less useable than the 600. I can get over those (and hope they make some improvements with an inevitable firmware upgrade), but the quality issue has just made the overall experience very poor.
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    I've had 2 Treos-a 600 and a 650. neither was ever returned, needed repar, or otherwise caused me grief. both were on Sprint, not Cingular, however. I had a Cingular phone once. Service quality was so bad I returned it within a week.

    Are you sure all the problems with dropped calls, etc, are Palm's faultM and not Cingulars?
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    I suspect it has to be the treo 650. I'm in the same location, same apps on both the 600 and 650, same PC syncing to the phone, same conference bridges...the variable is the 650.

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