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    Well I upgraded to 1.08 and everything is working fine-except now it won't let me hot sync-
    when i press the hot sync button it says connecting using IR to to PC/handheld-and i am using my cradle/cable. the settings are all set up correct and all say cradle/cable, but it won't sync-then it just says connection between your handheld and desktop can't be established. HELP@@!!!!
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    Go into the Hotsync app on the Treo and make sure Cradle/Cable is selected.
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    i had the same issue and just hard reset and resyncd my user id.

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    yes, cradle/cable is selected in hotsynch. I did a hard reset, it let me resync, but then the same thing happened again thinking it has an IR connection even though cable is selected. please help
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    I have the same problem. Has anyone figured out how to resolve the problem?
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    i ended up just doing a hard reset and trying again...after about the 6th or 7th try it worked (doing the exact same thing each time) and now knock on wood, it hasn't happened again

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