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    Hello all

    I have checked Shadowmite site and treo central but cannot find what the settings should be for DUN with T-mobile as my carrier.

    I have an unlocked treo 650 with dun activated. I would like to use it as my modem with my Mac Powerbook.

    Thanks in advance
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    I've asked this same question and not a single reply.
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    Can we get this going again? I too am interested and am having too many problems with Wireless Modem. I need a better way to surf with my iBook.
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    I havent tried this my self, but have you all looked at:
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    Yeah, thanks. I did download it after some more searching through TC and I found another thread on the topic.

    I'll report back once (if) I get things up and running.
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    It's PC instructions, not Mac. Let us know if you get it working...
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    I second that need for DUN setting for T-mobile. All my laptops are Apple so its particularly difficult since PDAnet is not an option.
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    Got it to work ya'll! I had to wait until my usb bluetooth adapter arrived today. Let me know if you need specifics.

    The PalmOne pdf Felipe mentions is good in abstract, but for us Mac users there's no support for how to enter the network settings. The only extra piece of info I had to search out was a T-Mo modem script that came from another thread which I'll attach to this post.

    Let me know if you need any help!
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    I would be so grateful if you can list a simple tutorial on how to make it work.


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