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    I currently have PadlockHack Plus on my visor (works GREAT!) and i feel that if somebody HONEST was to find my visor, my personal info 'Name, Please return to <phone number> for reward' would get my visor back to me AND none of my personal info will be seen. However, it wouldn't take much to do a hard reset and buy a cradle and have a free visor (for whomever found it).

    Is there a hack out there (or could somebody invent a hack) that would require your system password inorder to initiate a HARD RESET?

    I can't think of any disadvantages to this. It would gaurantee that if you lost your visor, not only would the person finding it be able to see any of your data, but even a hard reset would be impossible and converting your visor into an empty freebie wouldn't occur.

    Can anybody think of a reason why this is not a good idea?
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    That sounds like a good idea, but i don't think it is possible. Doing a Hard Reset is Hardware, not software. Its like an old AT computer. You hit the power button and it goes off. No software can iterfere with this. I think that a Hard Reset is basically the same thing. No software can prevent what a Hard Reset does because it is all in the hardware.
    Another option that a crook has is to remove the batteries and wait a while. It's a matter of time before everything becomes erased and the unit is brand new. Unless we put a lock on the battery door there is no way to avoid this.
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    In theory, I guess this is a good idea, assuming the OS can intercept a hard reset command (how does it know the difference?). There are a few situations where this wouldn't work: 1) a crash that causes the Visor to "lock up" whereby a hard reset is the only recourse; 2) a warm reset that bypasses installation of hacks altogether. In this case, an untrusting soul could just warm reset then hard reset and have themselves a new toy.
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    What if YOU forget your password and need to do a hard reset? The problem with some protection schemes is that they can also hurt the owner. Plus, I don't think your idea is technically possible.
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    I think something like this will be a possibility say ten years from now when biometrics is incorporated into handheld devices.

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