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    I currently have 6MB free and understand I will need 12MB to run the upgrade...I can see three ways of doing this:

    1). Do a hard reset, free up more memory, run the upgrade, and then use backupman to reload everything...but...will this work, or will there be incompatibilites with backupman once the new ROM is loaded?

    2). Don't hard reset, but use filez to move stuff over to the SD card, and move it back when I am done?

    3). Use PowerRun to move applications to the SD card first...speaking of which, is a Rom update even compatible with Powerrun?...or should I load everything back to main memory first, and then filez it over to the SD card?

    Much thanks to everyone for their help...I scanned previous posts, but didn't see these issues specifically addressed...Sam
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    My method was to sync one last time.
    hard reset
    connect treo with hotsync, and create a new user
    run the updater, follow the instructions, etc.
    hard reset
    reconnect w/hotsync, this time using the original user name.

    PowerRUN is compatible. You'll have to "Update Shortcuts" though to get PRPRPR $to$ &$quot$;$see$&$quot$; $and$ $be$ $able$ $to$ $use$ $the$ $programs$ $already$ $on$ $the$ $card$. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    This is the procedure I used on 3 Treos:

    1. Turn off Phone
    2. Hotsync (Backup and PIMs)
    3. Copy User Folder
    4. Hard Reset
    5. If needed: Restore Original ROM (Shadowmite Instructions)
    6. Create New User
    7. Install New Files to New User
    8. Delete content of New User Backup Folder
    9. Hotsync (Backup)
    10. Hard Reset
    11. Hotsync to Original User (Restore)
    12. Delete New User
    13. Reinstall apps that were in Custom ROM
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