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    After the update, hangs forever when syncing memos. I changed memos to "do nothing" in hot sync manager and it completed without problems. I then changed memos "handheld overrides desktop" and it hung again.
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    Anyone else with this problem?
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    Quote Originally Posted by newtreouser
    Anyone else with this problem?
    I was able to do it both ways. Created a note on Outlook and synch to the Treo and created a memo on the Treo and synched it to a note on Outlook.

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    Try setting the conduit to "handheld overwrites desktop" or visa/versa (which ever will cause you to not loose the most current data) and see if that helps
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    Had the problem with tasks. Do a hard reset and then resync. Dont use a backup program.
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    had a similar problem with tasks. did the update and numerous hotsyncs, then next day downloading new apps, and after about 5 hotsyncs, all of a sudden hotsync error tasks not recognized, or something like that.....
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    it's possible you have a corrupt database. make sure all your memos are all on your desktop. then use files do delete all memos or memopad databases. now set hotsync to "desktop overwrites handheld". then hotsync & all should be fine...
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    I had that problem and after alot of time with sprint and palmone it was my antivirus blocking it. I deleted my anti-virus and it worked great.
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    I had a very similiar problem. Syncing with the default memos conduit or the Chapura Professional XT version didn't work. Using Chapura Professional, it would hang, crash, or give a SMART_HEAP error. Using the default, it would hang or crash.

    I had to renter all my memos in Outlook, then delete the database using ZLauncher.

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