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    I know I've seen banner ads for the program that adds the capability to make and display notes on the same screen as your appointments. The ad made reference to paper organizers where the appointments are one one page, and the notes are on the facing page. Any one know what I'm looking for? Thanks!
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    The ad you make reference to sounds like the one for Natara DayNotez (See It's a daily journal type program, but doesn't display on the same screen as your appointments, nor does it link to them. It will, however, create a ToDo list entry from the current note... Overall I think it's a pretty good program.

    Hope this helps!
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    That was it, thanks linguas!!
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    Datebk4 will I think also do what you are looking for. The days todo/appointments can be shown in a split window format with either your addresses or memos.

    This is an amazing replacement for the vanilla daytimer software that comes with the Visor as well. Very powerful.


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