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    Hi Mark,

    I loaded in version this morning.

    Now when I exit I receive a CHIMING? that I've never received previously... when I go back to Chatter from another app, I not only get the chiming (3 times?) but I get the following error message

    MemCheck failed, heap = 0 START

    Once I hit OK, I move to Chatter, and it seems to be operating fine, and all my folders are loaded again.

    I did also load the new Sprnt Upgrade last night, which is why I went ahead and loaded the latest version of CE.

    I've gone through the Prefs to try and delete the chimes, but there is no designated operation for an alert here.

    I am a bit confused.

    Please let me know what you think.
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    If you moved up from an older version, it's probably necessary to rebuild your Mailboxes. What I'd suggest is this: Get the latest Beta (1.0.4rc9) and start from scratch with your Mailboxes; I think all your problems will go away.

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    Hey Mark, I did rebuild my mailboxes with htis version, as recommended on your site.

    It took quite some time to populate the folders once again.

    I just 'syncd' 30 days worth of emails, and the problem went away?...

    Is the new beta version a nice step up from the program is so great already, I can't imagine what you could have done to make it worthwhile to rebuild my damn folders and populate them all over again...

    But I'll give a try if you say so.


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