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    i wanna pick up a bluetooth gps device

    iTrek Bluetooth GPS
    that one works with mapopolis on the Palm

    anyone have any experience with it

    or any other suggestions

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    I am using the Globalsat 338 Bluetooth unit which has just it the market. It uses the latest SiRFIII chipset and so is far more sensitive than other units. It also has a 15 hour battery life. Highly recomended. We have a thread about it over at
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    what is the software like
    and software does it use

    im new to palm and gps
    so any help is appreciated
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    I have a Belkin Bluetooth GPS (same as the Fortuna ClipOn). I noticed they no longer have it at the Belkin site, though. It works well with the Treo. I was in Eurpoe a couple of weeks ago and was able to test it with Mapopolis software. Mapopolis has some free maps that you can try out for 9 days.

    You should be able to use any Blutettoth unit that has NMEA output (I think most units on the market do, but there are some excpetions). These should work with any GPS software package.

    From a software prespective the leading contenders for PalmOS are TomTom ( and Mapopolis ( The latter provides a free viewer and you can download limited time demo maps so you can try it out. They also have a product called NavCard that comes with all the US maps loaded on a 1GB SD card. You just plug it in and it works.

    There's no evaluation software for Tom Tom. It does appear to have a much more polished user interface than Mapopolis, but uses Teleatlas map data which some people say is less accurate in the US (but perhaps better in Europe) than the NavTech data used by Mapopolis. I'm still trying to decide which one I will buy, but I'm sure it will be one of these two. There's a new version of TomTom coming out within the next month so I will wait to see what users say about it. I also need to find out if they will offer a version without the GPS receiver since I already have one. Otherwise I'll probably just get the NavCard.

    The GpsPasSion forum mentioned by Paul is a veryy good source of information. I highly recommend it.
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    I haven't heard of anyone having bluetooth gps issues. I'm using Delorme's Blue Logger. It has great logging features, a removable battery and is small, but... It's cheaply made. I've already broken the battery cover and the buttons feel cheap.

    Software I use is TomTom for driving related tasks and Delorme StreetAtlas2005 w/Topo5 for hiking, logging, waypoints, etc. TomTom is limited to only vehicle based operations- but does it amazingly well.

    Exported topographical maps from Topo5 work really well, although I found in really mountainous areas I need to overclock the 650 to get a quicker redraw.

    I have yet to see one gps app that does everything well.

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    sounds good to me
    ill check out tomtom
    and see what gps receiver is best
    anyone know a good affordable (sub $200 ) receiver that will just do it job well

    the globstat sounds good...but its sold out everywhere
    thanx guys
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    TomTom Navigator 5 is supposed to come with a GPS receiver. I read somewhere it was supposed to use the SirfIII chipset but I haven't confirmed this. I don't know if the software will be available without a receiver. I've e-mailed TomTom but they haven't responded yet.

    I've been happy with my SirfII based Belkin unit. It is the same as the Fortuna ClipOn GPS that is commonly available. I think it cost around $149 at and even included a pretty good PocketPC navigation program based on Intellinav sfotware. Unfortunately there is no PalmOS version of that program because I do like it on my iPaq PDA (that I no longer use because of the Treo 650).

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