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    Ok I'm a question *****. But right after I take a pic with my treo650 on Cing I have a little envelope icon(I won't call it an email icon for reasons coming up) in which I can "send" pictures directly from the preview screen. Now what it does is goes automatically into SMS/MMS and sends it. That would be fine if I had unlimted MMS'ing but I don't. I have unlimited internet in which I need to EMAIL it. Is there a way for that envelope button to automatically email the pic as opposed to MMS'ing it? Thanks.
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    This is the way it's on a CDMA, but you maytry it.

    Hope this helps. i assume the work around will...
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    Thanks for the help but I did already know how to do that. It's just MUCH quicker to just hit that little envelope, click left once, pick the address, then click send. Done. I know I'm being picky. I wish there was a programmable button in the camera application that you could configure it to auto EMAIL a pic to a certain email... That would ROCK! It seems Palm catered to the Carriers a little too much. Like disabling BT DUN, not having a PDANET equiv, etc...
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    I second the motion for the envelope button remap. If anyone knows how, please let me know.

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