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    I just found this.....Scala 500 for $38.99

    Also has free shipping or $9.99 Fed Ex overnight! Not a bad deal!!! I even told them I didn't want to pay the $3.95 handling fee, and they waived it!

    Just thought I would let everyone know that is in the market for a Scala 500!
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    Good price. I've been looking for a headset.
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    Ordered on Wed. here on Friday, not too bad!
    I love the Scala 500, it blows the Jabra BT250 way outta the water, and cost about 50% less to boot!!!! It auto connects every single time, and in less than a sec or two! Great headset for the money!!!!!
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    I got mine from MacMall for $35 shipped about a month ago. I couldn't be happier with it. Thanks to JesseRPI for the initial tip!

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    Thanks for the heads up...I just ordered one.

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    Just ordered mine from ebay for 28.00
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    Well, I looked on eBay. Most of the sellers there were charging ~$15 shipping. Uh-uh.
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    I bought from Ebay, and shipping was like $14, but when it arrived, turns out the actual shipping cost (USPS) was $2.11. Oh well.
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    Nice call. I was just about to buy a plantonics, now I must reevaluate.

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    Also, also has it for $40.
    Make sure you don't get the one for non-bluetooth headsets (for $60.)
    I paid $2 more bought from them because I've shopped from their site many many times (buying computer parts) and found CompUPlus to be a very solid online retailer. I'm sure ecost is also great but I've never shopped them.
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    I just purchased one because I figured I couldn't go wrong for under 40 bucks. One question though. How does it interact if you are using the keyguard option in Butler? I keep my 650 in a tight case that needs the keyguard option or else it will answer itself while still in the case.

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